We are the passionate food people and committed to sharing, showing and elevating everything that is food related.

Our programmes are built with the individual as the main ingredient, if you a budding Chef, have very little cooking skills or are you a five star restaurant, we have a service product or project for you.

We are committed to teaching and creating mouthwatering course which takes learners on a journey of culinary skills but also real life cooking that will impact their health, and well being.

Through learning the fundamental of cooking we include the very real health benefits that are paramount.

Using our years of collective industry experience we have a arrange of product services and online courses the will help shape and nurture future generations cooking and eating habits.



Our vision is to ensure every child, young person and adult has the opportunity to learn how to cook healthy, nutritious and culturally aware meals, that is not impacted due to financial or environmental issues. We want to reduce food poverty by cooking fresh meals from scratch. 

Co Founder and Managing Director.
Her history span decades in the catering industry, her passion for good quality food and ingredients means she is a perfectionist for taste and flavour.

Digital E Learning Specialist.
His skills are extraordinary he has a portfolio of high end clients yet uses that same skill to produce quality e-learning course and packages.

Co Founder and executive chef.
His career has spanned of 40 years of skill and competence in the kitchen.

We provide, training, support, and workshops to charities and community groups to ensure best practise and expertise in the field of catering, and community cooking.

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